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Why I'm Running

Community Safety


Councilwoman Pemberton has made significant contributions to enhancing public safety in Downey. She authorized the purchase of 21 new police vehicles and engaged a third-party agency to enhance police recruitment efforts. Her completion of the Police Citizens Academy a few years back underscores her commitment to law enforcement. She also prioritized traffic safety by approving the installation of speed humps, increasing patrols in speeding hotspots, and optimizing traffic signal timing to improve traffic flow and reduce accidents. Additionally, her long standing involvement for over 11 years in Gangs Out of Downey, demonstrates her dedication to ensuring the safety of all residents. She will continue fighting for the safety of all Downey residents.

Quality of Life

Councilwoman Pemberton has been proactive in improving the cleanliness and aesthetics of Downey. She instructed Public Works to address abandoned shopping carts, clean alleys, and collaborate with businesses for parking lot maintenance. She helped acquire a graffiti removal truck to combat vandalism effectively. Dorothy also prioritized removing and ticketing abandoned vehicles and helped to equip code enforcement with mobile citation devices for enhanced efficiency. Furthermore, she advocated for additional street lights from Southern California Edison and initiated a pilot program of $50,000 to fund more street lights in residential areas. Keeping her commitment to Downey residents, Dorothy initiated plans for a dog park and community garden which are now moving forward and will enhance the community's recreational spaces.

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Fiscal Responsibility

Since her election in 2023, Dorothy has actively contributed to the city's fiscal management. She joined the Budget subcommittee and utilized her experience from the Measure "S" Oversight Committee which oversaw a $50 million bond measure. She now collaborates with the City’s Finance Director to review the current and future fiscal budgets. Dorothy's commitment to accountability ensures all city departments uphold financial responsibility, maintaining a strong and balanced budget for the benefit of Downey residents. She receives monthly updates on the budget and investments to carefully watch the city’s investments and expenditures.

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Economic Development

Councilwoman Pemberton is dedicated to fostering a business-friendly environment at City Hall while prioritizing top-notch customer service for residents and new companies. She aims to attract diverse, family-friendly businesses to the area. The city has an online permit processing system that just went into effect soon after her election in 2023.

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