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Dorothy Pemberton's Campaign Gains Momentum with Endorsement from Ken LaVigne, Teacher of the Year

Downey, CA - September 5, 2023

Dorothy Pemberton, who is a substitute teacher with the Downey Unified School District, is proud to announce the endorsement of Ken LaVigne, a prominent figure in our community and a highly respected retired high school teacher and football coach. As a resident of Downey for over 40 years, Ken has attained an exceptional teaching career spanning 38 years. He has been honored as the 2012 Los Angeles County and California State Teacher of the Year, LaVigne brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Pemberton's campaign.

Ken LaVigne, known for his unwavering dedication to education and the betterment of our community, has been a pillar of support for countless students throughout his career. His passion for teaching, coupled with his commitment to fostering growth and personal development, has left an indelible impact on generations of students.

By endorsing Dorothy Pemberton, LaVigne recognizes her unwavering commitment to education, community, and the pursuit of excellence. Pemberton's 30-year proven track record of advocating in the community, along teaching in the classroom to all students, enabling them to obtain a quality education, resonates deeply with LaVigne, who believes that every student deserves the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

"I have had the privilege to witness firsthand Dorothy Pemberton's tireless efforts in championing the rights of students and educators," said Ken LaVigne.

"Her vision for equitable education and her determination to make a positive difference in our community align perfectly with my own values. I am proud to endorse Dorothy Pemberton for Downey City Council and wholeheartedly support her campaign."

Dorothy Pemberton, grateful for the endorsement, expressed her deep appreciation for Ken LaVigne's support.

"To have someone of Ken LaVigne's caliber and reputation endorse our campaign is truly an honor," she stated. "His dedication to education and his impact on students' lives are remarkable. I am inspired by his endorsement and look forward to working together to create positive change in our community."

With Ken LaVigne's endorsement, Dorothy Pemberton's campaign gains significant momentum and further solidifies her position as a candidate committed to fostering educational excellence, supporting teachers, and empowering students. The endorsement serves as a testament to Dorothy Pemberton's ability to garner support from influential figures within the community, reinforcing her position as the candidate of choice for those invested in the future of education in Downey.

In her campaign, Dorothy has emphasized the importance of community safety, quality of life, fiscal responsibility, and economic development. To learn more about Dorothy Pemberton and her campaign for Downey City Council, please visit or call her on her cell phone (310) 717-3637. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram under Dorothy Pemberton for Downey City Council 2023.

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