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Downey City Council Candidate Dorothy Pemberton Garners Overwhelming Support

1000 Doors In Under 30 Days.

Downey, CA – Dorothy Pemberton, a distinguished and dedicated community leader with over 30 years of service to Downey, is gaining remarkable momentum in her campaign for the Downey City Council. With an impressive display of grassroots effort, Dorothy has personally knocked on an astounding 931 doors, unveiling an outpouring of support from community members including former Mayor Rick Rodriguez who previously represented the same area, District 3 (North West). Mr. Rodriguez who was seen canvassing in the neighborhood for Dorothy stated “Dorothy Pemberton is uniquely qualified to serve all Downey residents. She has been involved in the community for many years and is now ready to give back at a larger scale.”

The remarkable response received by Dorothy during her daily canvassing walks has left her both amazed and encouraged. Her years of dedicated service to the city and spearheading of the recall movement to remove Council Member Catherine Alvarez from office have made an indelible impact on the lives of Downey residents. They recognize Dorothy’s unwavering commitment to making their community a better place.

Throughout her lengthy tenure, Dorothy has worked tirelessly to address the needs and concerns of Downey's diverse population. Her genuine passion for public service and her deep understanding of local issues have earned her widespread respect and admiration including the endorsement of Downey Police Captain Mark McDaniel (ret).

“Dorothy understands what our Downey Police Department needs to keep our families safe. She has dedicated countless hours working with Gangs Out of Downey (GOOD) and the Citizens Academy over the years. As former President of GOOD, I should know, she was by my side and I could always count on Dorothy being there. Supporting Dorothy is supporting law enforcement.” said Downey Police Captain Mark McDaniel (ret).

The overwhelming support she has received from the community is a testament to Dorothy's strong leadership qualities and her ability to connect with residents on a personal level. By knocking on doors and engaging in meaningful conversations, she has demonstrated her commitment to listening to the needs and aspirations of Downey's residents, ensuring their voices are heard.

In her campaign, Dorothy has emphasized the importance of community safety, quality of life, fiscal responsibility and economic development. To learn more about Dorothy Pemberton and her campaign for Downey City Council, please visit or call her on her cell phone (310) 717-3637. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram under Dorothy Pemberton for Downey City Council 2023.


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