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Empowering Downey residents with honest representation and strong leadership.


Meet Dorothy Pemberton

Dorothy Pemberton is a teacher with Downey Unified Shool District


Dorothy Pemberton has lived in Downey all her life. She attended Downey schools growing up. She now works as a substitute teacher with the Downey Unified School District. At the same time, she is a 30-year seasoned Realtor/Broker in Downey.

Her passion to serve expanded after seeing her representation in District 3 deteriorate after the 2020 elections. Dorothy and other concerned community members organized a grassroots recall campaign which resulted in a historic win for Downey. On January 31, 2023 the recall efforts succeeded with 90% of the vote, the first time in our city's history.

Dorothy was elected to represent Downey District 3 in 2023 and is now running for re-election. 

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Endorsed by Leaders the Community Trusts



Downey Mayors & Officials

  • Mayor Claudia M. Frometa

  • Mayor Rick Rodriguez (former)

  • Mayor Mario A. Guerra (former)

  • Mayor Alex Saab (former)

  • Mayor Kirk Cartozian (former)

  • Council Member Hector Sosa

  • Council Member Timothy Horn 

School Board Members (DUSD)

  • Giovanna Perez-Saab, President

  • Nancy Swenson, Board Member

  • Martha Sodetani, Board Member (former)

  • Tod Corrin, Board Member (former)


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Downey Mayor Rick Rodriguez former

"Dorothy is uniquely qualified to serve all Downey residents. Please vote Dorothy Pemberton."

Mayor Rick Rodriguez (ret.) who previously represented District 3 (North West Downey)

I will bring back strong  leadership and honest representation to District 3 (Northwest Downey).


My 30-year record of service to our community gives me the experience and knowledge necessary to serve our city.

These are my positions why I'm running for Downey City Council

Dorothy Pemberton for Community Safety


Community Safety


Most recently, Dorothy completed the Citizens Academy training with the Downey Police Department. Combined with her experience as a member of Gangs Out of Downey (GOOD), for over 10 years, she will do the necessary steps to be proactive and prevent more crime.

Dorothy Pemberton for Quality of Life


Quality of Life


Dorothy will maintain high expectations for our parks, alleys and streets continuing to beautify our neighborhoods. She will improve our local SEAACA shelter promoting pet adoptions and neutering. A dog park and a community garden in District 3 will be one of her priorities.

Dorothy Pemberton for Fiscal Responsibility





Dorothy served on Measure “S” Oversight Committee which oversaw the improvements to public facilities and parks. She made sure the $50 million bond measure was spent properly. Dorothy will maintain a strong and balanced budget by keeping departments accountable.

Dorothy Pemberton for Economic Development





City hall should be business friendly and provide excellent customer service to residents and new companies. We should also attract a variety of family-friendly businesses. Dorothy will review the current systems in place for permits and help to implement new digital processes to improve our methods.

Over 30 years of service to our Downey community.

Active Roles

10 years - Gangs Out of Downey, past Board Member 
30 years - Soroptimist Int’l Downey, past President
20 years - Downey YMCA, past Chairperson
20 years - Assistance League of Downey, Member
20 years - Downey Symphony, Member

4 years - Public Works Committee, Vice Chair


Former Roles

Measure S, Oversight Committee

Measure O Committee, Downey Unified School District

Downey Council PTA H.E.LP.S., Director

Downey Council & Warren PTA, President

City of Downey Parks and Rec, Commissioner

Downey Ponytail Girls Softball, Board Member & Treasurer

PTA Golden Oak Award, Recipient

Recall Catherine Alvarez Committee, Chair

Dorothy Pemberton with over 30 years of experience serving her community


When our community lacked character and ethical representation, the residents started a movement spearheaded by Dorothy.
The recall committee succeeded with 90% of the vote.

Character counts in Downey.

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